Team News 29.7.16

Hi guys

Great to see 79 out of the team of 82 on Thursday night and lots of parents too…it was so neat to see you guys meeting others and already starting to get together with your teams.  Thanks for all coming along and especially to those who traveled from  Dorie, Ashburton, Kaiapoi, Weedons etc…. and lots of other places all over Canterbury to get there! Thanks to Sarah Johnson for taking photos of you all. A HUGE thanks to Jacqui Restieaux  for all her work with the uniforms – it is fantastic to have you in all of your gear from our first meeting. Thanks to Penny Martin, Dave King and Lyn Miles for coming along. Thanks also to Thomas, Sam and Sophie and Leila for their Captains’ talks and to the managers and others who helped on the night too!

Lots of news, so read on….

Hopefully you are all following the schedule and filling out your log, now you have a hard copy. Week three is more base work, hopefully you are starting to feel fitter…but probably a little tired too! A reminder that ther is NO substitute for actual running training although sports practices are helpful.

 – OUR FIRST TEAM TRAINING RUN IS  – THIS MONDAY – 1 AUGUST 4.30-5.15pm, ROTO KOHATU RESERVE, airport end of Sawyers Arms RoadHarewood/Casebrook – it is right at the end of Sawyers Arms Road (can be called Sawyers Arms Reserve also). Please try to get there on time and make sure your captain signs you off on the roll – there will be a sign with your team. If you arrive earlier, please sign off your name and get ready to run! Remember we run in ALL conditions ….so wrap up warm and have your training shirt on! Russley and Johns Road can be pretty busy at that time of night, so maybe come via another road initially

– Next Training Run/Race:  4.30pm Tuesday 9 August at Woodend Domain – Travel on the Northern Motorway and the Main North Road and turn right into Woodend Beach Rd (after Sandhills Road on your right) just before the Woodend Tavern, do not go into Woodend township. Travel right to the end of this road, past the Woodend Christian Camp on your left, to the road end.  There is a car park at the Domain. We will do some hill work (hill springing and bounding) on the sand dunes and the beach as well as a run in the forest over the “killer course”. Playgrounds available for the little ones and bring your thermos if you need coffee.
2. Team Booklet
We have your photo, we now need some information about you to share with the rest of the team. Can you please start to think about some interesting facts about you (nicknames, fav. foods, fav. sports etc., your inspiration for running etc.) to share with us….we will need it all sometime next week.


You will have the singlet and Jacket to lend for the next nine weeks. Please always wear them with pride! PLEASE DO NOT WEAR YOUR SINGLET in inter-club races if you belong to a club, especially not in the Canterbury Road Championships. You may wear them at training sessions , club runs (if your club lets you), some lower key races (eg Port Hills XC etc.) and PSC races (eg at Heathcote and Aidanfield). If unsure, please email me and ask your club captain if in a club. Singlets will be collected in AFTER your race on September 22 before you go to the Pools and Jackets after you arrive back in Christchurch off the plane. Please don’t label them or put face paints or anything on them.

4. Uniforms
Please do not name your loaned Canterbury singlet or Jacket, but its a good idea to name your polo, training shirt and shorts, ( jackets have a number printed on them – so do not name them but remember your number!) as they can easily get mixed up at trainings.

If you need to change your singlet size, collect uniform/training log or have any other queries please see Jacqui Restieaux at training or phone 0275012220 or email

Please, please support the Shoe Clinic at Westfield Riccarton. They support us big time with prizes and bags (you got one on Tuesday). They also subsidise our POLO SHIRTS by about 50%. You may be able to get shoes and gear cheaper elsewhere but they give great service, 30 day shoe guarantee and they are our sponsors. Try Shaun first.

If you have some running spikes you would like to sell, please bring them along to training meetings. Spikes are not essential but can be a real advantage in wet conditions. We have about eight pairs to give away – see me – they are available for a donation or just return them at the end of the IRXC so we can recycle them.



As you know, we all travel to and stay together in Wellington but some of you may like to stay on in Wellington after the event or move further north.  You must stay with us till we leave for te airport (1.00pm approx.) or as arranged with Paul/Penny. Please indicate by filling in this form, click here: Not returning Form Not Returning Form PLEASE DO THIS BY MONDAY 1 AUGUST – we need to cancel flights.



See you on Monday at 4,30pm sharp!!!



PS….in case you needed reminding…you are in the HARDEST CANTERBURY REP. TEAM there is to make it into

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Team News 18.7.16

Hi guys

Only 9 weeks 2 days today to go till IRXC2016!

  1. Training: I hope your training has started ok. The first few weeks are crucial for you to set a strong base for racing later. The next few weeks should be quite tiring – so don’t worry if it seems tough work – it will get results! Lots of strong aerobic running is the key, either running just below race pace (A – Aerobic running) for the runs over your race distance, running at Race pace ( L- time trials or racing on Saturdays) for race distance or faster than race pace (B- Fartlek running with 1 -2 minute efforts) for shorter than race distance. A reminder you will get a hard copy of the programme next Wednesday. For a fuller description of training codes – see later below.
  1. Team Fees: A reminder that team fees are due to be paid by next Wednesday, 27 July.This includes the team fee of $330 (or $350 with polo) and any uniform parts you have ordered. Team fees need to be paid by BANK TRANSFER ONLY – Lyn and Penny do not want any cash or chequeson the night. If there is any problem, please contact Penny Martin asap. See all info. below that was in the team selection letter:

Payment of $350 (or $330) is required by the first team meeting on Wednesday 27 July. Payment includes a non-refundable fee of $50 (to cover any non-refundable costs incurred). Payment can be made directly to the Primary Sports Canterbury Cross Country account:031783 0153007 03 (note this is a different a/c no. than last year). Please include your child’s name as a reference so that we know who has paid. No cash or cheques. Should you need to arrange other payment terms please contact Penny Martin on 373 5058

If there is anyone who feels they are unable to participate in the IRXC2016 event because of the costs involved, they can apply for a supporting grant. A form is available by emailing

  1. Team Meeting – Wednesday 27 July We will see you all next Wednesday!!! 7.00pm sharp Hillview Christian School Gymnasium, 150 Wilsons Road, St. Martins. There is parking down the drive, in front of the gym or at 125 Wilsons Road (our Senior Campus) or on Wilsons Road) –if you come earlier you can get some of your things earlier and hand in your forms – Medical/Behaviour/Consent Forms and Payment Forms (attached again if you have lost them).   All money should have been transferred by now. We will try to finish by 8.00pm so you can get home early. You will get your Canterbury singlet (on loan) – this can only be worn at Club and Inter-Club events with the permission of your club. Hopefully you will also get your track suit jacket (on loan), your training tee (to be worn at all training sessions) and also Polo shirt.
  1. PHOTOGRAPHER NEEDED for the above meeting to take team member photos – please let me know if you can help out.
  1. First Team Training: 4.30pm-5.15pm Monday 1 August at Roto Kohatu Reserve – Sawyers Arms Road (Airport end off Johns Road) Harewood. This will be the first time we get together to train. When you arrive, please tick off your name on the team attendance roll (your captain will help with this). We start right on 4.30pm with warm – ups!! A reminder that it can be very busy on Johns Road – so leave in plenty of time!
  1. Training Codes:

Monday: B – which is “fartlek” running or in the case this week, structured fartlek. There are no distances, just times. After a bit of a 5 minute jog and some dynamic stretching (see DS ) – ie leg swings, lunges etc. Run hard for a minute – hard is faster than your 2 or 3km pace – but not sprinting, as you need to do 6 or 8! – then jog for 2 minutes before repeating. Try no to run on the road and if possible in a park or somewhere and not on a track. This is a tough session. When finished jog and do some static stretches. (see SS) . This session gets you fit, builds endurance and also is teaching your body to run at a faster sped than you race.

Tuesday – R = REST – your body needs to recover!!!

Wednesday – L = Time Trial – this session is like a practice of your race distance. It is teaching your body to run over the distance that you are going to race and it is also a practice of pace judgement. A time trial is never as intensive as a race and the actual “time” doesn’t matter – it is the full on effort that counts. Warm up with a jog and Dynamic stretching and have a 2km or 3km (1km lap ideally) course ready to go (or 9-10 minutes or 12-14 minutes of running). The time trial is done at race pace. If possible the terrain should be the same as Wellington – up and down, a few gravel paths etc. With a time trial – you don’t need to sprint in, just go hard the whole way. If possible, try to see if you can keep an even pace by timing each 1km lap. After you have finished, warm down with a slow jog and static stretching. A time trial can be run in spikes or your racing shoes if you have them.

Thursday – A – Aerobic Running This is running at 70-80% of your race pace – so not jogging but a steady pace or strong running. It is for a longer distance to build up your endurance. Don’t go too fast at the start as you may run out of steam. You should feel “tired” at the end. It is purposely longer (twice as long) as your race and is over distance.The “talk rule” is a good indication of pace – you should be able to talk as you run. This sort of run is great to do with another team member – so maybe email/call someone from your contact list.

Friday – R Rest of or some small sprints (F) for Year 7/8 – optional 4 x 80m sprints with some jogging between. Practising relaxed running style is always beneficial.

Saturday – L or Race – some of the club runners have races and the rest of you need a time trial again. Remember warm up and down and if racing – some 40m stride outs before you start to get you ready for sprinting.

Sunday – A – Aerobic Running – your longest run of the week and the real “bread and butter” of your training along with Thursday. Try to find someone to go with (see our contact list) and try a new venue – like Bottle Lake Forest, Harry Ell Walkway, Hagley Park, Groynes to Roto Kohatu etc. Concentration on some strong running but for up to 3 x the time of your race…a bit slower than Thursday but still a good effort!

That is about it. Well done to those of you who ran last Saturday at both Ferrymead Park (results here: CHAV 2-4km 16.7.16) and Omaka (results here: 2016OmakaHandicapCrossCountryResults)…..some club runners have the Canterbury Cross Country Champs at Halswell Quarry on Saturday – so maybe take your training a little lighter this week…..have you set your goals yet for the IRXC2016?

  1. Wellington XC Results:

For those “train spotters” amongst you, have a look at the Wellington Results from Waikanae Park on Tuesday 5 July – click here: 2016 Wellington Regional XC final results

See you all on Wednesday next week.



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Team News 13.7.16

Hi guys

Hope the 2 or 3km time trial went well today….Just two quick things……..
1. Email confirmation – if you have received this email, please submit this form: PSCCCEMAILS I had nobody acknowledge the team news from Monday so I was wondering if it was sent and received.
2. Course Video –
 – 5 small but sharp hills and quite testing.
See you later!

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Team News 11.7.16

Hi everyone
Welcome to the first of many PSC CC Team News for 2016. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and are feeling great that you are part of such an awesome Canterbury Representative team – THE HARDEST ONE TO GET IN!!! Read on for lots of information……apologies for it being so long!!!

1. The Team 2016
Attached (see PSC CC Team List 2016) is pretty much the final list of team members, appointed captains (thanks so much to all who applied) and managers (their teams they look after are still to be finalised)… Well, we look like a totally awesome bunch again with talent, good looks, fighting spirit, newbies and lots of experienced campaigners too…a great management team of parents with lots of varied skills and backgrounds (including past and present runners, nurses, physios, dads and mums and more)….we have 82 children (we have one extra Year 6 girl and one extra year 5 boy- both who were within a second of 10th!) from 38 different schools selected from Rangiora to Weedons to Ashburton/Rakaia to Sumer, Givernors Bay and everywhere in-between…we are going to have an awesome time running together, getting to know each other, supporting each other and doing our best for CANTERBURY!  (and hopefully return the PC Shield!!)

A big welcome to DAVE KING who is joining us as a coach this year. Dave is a very experienced coach with lots of knowledge and running experience and we are very fortunate to have him on the team!
We are also very privileged to have Shirley-Anne Collins as our manager back again – she brings a wealth of experience with many rep. teams. Great to have you back! She has been to Wellington with the team twice already over the past eight years.
We are fortunate to have Jacqui Restieaux to take on many jobs that Karen Theobald has done for the past few years and Jacqui has already been busy ordering uniform parts today.
Lyn Miles’ new assistant, Penny Martin, makes up our Primary Sports Canterbury Management team – welcome Penny!

2. Training
Our official ten weeks of training starts this Wednesday ie 13 July. The training schedule and log (where you fill in what you do) will be sent out later this week (also there will be a 2016 Contact List ) and a hard copy will be handed out at the meeting on July 27. For some of you though, you may have your own coaches and have races you are training for right now and others may be recovering from injury. THIS IS A MAXIMUM to do and if you have sports practices etc. – DON”T OVERDO IT! I have heard that many of you didn’t do too much training before qualifying….so get into your training now and you never know what you may achieve!

As I said, the schedule will be out later this week and on our blog too but here is the first few days for you to get started on….
Wednesday 13 July: 2km (Y5/6) or 3km (Y7/8) time trials – have a warm up and down before after and if possible get a 1km lap on grass – idea is to run two (or three) even laps – you will do lots of these!
Thursday 14 July:  Some aerobic/ steady state running – this tires you out and is at 70% of race pace approx., so not a time trial but not jogging – strong running trying to keep an even pace: Year 5/6 – 15-25mins. approx, Year 7/8 25-35mins. approx- somewhere like Hagley Park perimeter is perfect.
Friday 15 July: REST DAY
Saturday 16 July: 2km (Y5/6) or 3km (Y7/8) time trials (as per Wednesday) – maybe come along to the race below at Ferrymead or the Pap Toc. H and Port Hills have a race at Omaka.
Sunday 17: Repeat of Thursday – maybe a little slower, little longer and on hills if possible.

Basically the training schedule has three important elements to it:

1. July/Aug – Base conditioning – some fast-ish Aerobic/steady-state runs (A), fartlek running (B) and time trials (L) – tiring work to get you super fit and set the base for 11 weeks time!

2. Later Aug – Hill work for strength and stride-length – important for the small hills in Waikanae – but also to keep your stride length long at race end.

3. Sept. – Speedwork, races and easing off – to get you fast and “race – fit” and then rested for your big race on 22 September.

If you are keen for some training, and it is always easier with others, here are two runs that are open to anyone, with invitations form Phil Chapman (from Port Hills Club) and Christchurch Avon Clubs…if your club or school has a run to invite others to, please let me know and I will advertise it.

Mondays 4:30PM  Halswell Quarry. This is a community based hill run open to any runners of any age. You do not need to be a Port Hills club member to attend this event. Simply come to the main car park and ask for Phil Chapman. For further details, contact Phil on 322 4266 or

Mondays 4.45PM Burnside High YR 5 to 8: 4:45pm until 5:30pm starting from the CHAV Clubrooms, Burnside High, Greers Road, by the tennis/netball courts – hosted by Richard Brunton  Ph. Richard  021 192-1388 email
If you are around these school holidays and you’re looking for a run on Saturday –  check out the details below and attached to this email and click the link to enter yourself. It is an invite to a 2km (Junior) or 4km Senior/Masters Handicap off-road race – a fast and flat 2km course.
Attached is a course map (see: CHAV 2 or 4km Handicap 16.7.16) and also the entry form (google doc.) is here: ENTRY 2/4km
4. FIRST Team Meeting
A reminder that our first meeting together is on WEDNESDAY 27 JULY at 7.00pm at Hillview Christian School Gymnasium, 150 Wilsons Road, St. Martins. This is a very, very important meeting and one of the few times we are all together. There will lots of information shared, uniforms given out, photos taken for the team book, a chance to meet your managers and most importantly a chance to meet your other 81 team mates! You also need to return your Medical/Consent/Behaviour form and Payment and Uniform form. (all fees should have been transferred by then).

If you would like information about joining a running club, please get hold of Anita Sutherland, who is the Athletics Canterbury Representative:  All the Wellington team are assigned to a club – I know that is one reason why they do so well!!! Races are on Saturdays – but usually after sport in the morning, so you can do both!!! Most clubs have mid-week training sessions that you can join in.
With starting out on your training, you will see (soon) that there is space to set some goals. It is important you are working towards something. There are three levels of goals, 1. Achievable, 2. Challenging, 3. Ultimate – have a think about them. 1. Could be finishing a few places higher than last year or amongst your team or it could be to run 1000 minutes of training or make all training sessions. 2. Could be to win a teams’ medal, finish in the top 10 at Blenheim, beat x, y, z….3. Could be to beat all the Wellington runners, win an individual medal….the sky is your limit!!!
The information about the race in Waikanae is now live on the Primary Sport Wellington web site, go to: (see Inter-Regional Page)
This year we have a total of 18 runners who are siblings in our team!!! (that is brothers or sisters making the team). Pretty sure that is a record! Another record is that we have four, yes four Allott brothers from Cashmere Primary, three Watson brothers from Weedons School and three McMeekans from Rolleston School (one brother and two sisters) – not to mention two Omori, two Jones (and from Weedons too!), two Vance and two Guttmann siblings.
We also have 4 x Sams/Samuels and one Samantha in the team, Heaton Intermediate and Weedons School both have 6 team members and about 180 schools in Canterbury don’t have even one team member!
All the best to you as you start/ restart your training for the IRXC2016!

See you all soon…..on Saturday …or on 27 July at our meeting and then on Monday 1 August, 4.30pm sharp at Roto Kohatu for a tough training session!
I am off to Wellington on Tuesday to video the course and look at our accommodation etc.
PS. Well done for making it into the team – the hardest Canterbury Rep. team to get into!!!!

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Welcome to the 2016 Team Year 7 and 8s!!!!

Welcome to the 2016 Team Year 7 and 8s!!!!

Hi there!

Congratulations if you have just qualified to be in our team! What an awesome effort, well done!

Can you now please fill in this online application from by FRIDAY 8 JULY (Year 7/8). Here is the link right here: APPLICATION FORM 2016

For all the information you received today, click here: IRXC2016 PSC CC Team Selection Letter – Year 7-8

Well done again, that is a wonderful achievement.

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1/2 Team News 1.7.16

Hi guys

1. Full Team: We now have a full Year 5/6 team – that is going to help us win back the Phil Costley Shield! We have had 14 x parents want to be our 8 x Year Y5/6 managers! We also have lots of keen athletes wanting to be captains – I will let you know by next week.
2. Canterbury Singlets – some schools (like mine) hand out a child’s Canterbury singlet at assembly to acknowledge their making it into the “hardest Canterbury Rep. team to get into”. If you want one to give out, please email me about picking it up or I can send it out. No compulsion.
If you would like information about joining a running club, please get hold of Anita Sutherland, who is the Athletics Canterbury Representative:  All the Wellington team are assigned to a club – I know that is one reason why they do so well!!! Races are on Saturdays – but usually after sport in the morning, so you can do both!!!
That’s all for now – I will be in contact next week with the full team and the captains/ managers. The Year 7/8s race off at Roto Kohatu on Wednesday afternoon.
(1.15pm Y 7 Girls, 1.30pm Y7 Boys, 1.45pm Y8 Girls, 2.00pm Y8 Boys – all 3km)

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Welcome to the 2016 Team!!!!

Welcome to the 2016 Team!!!!

Hi there!

Congratulations if you have just qualified to be in our team! What an awesome effort, well done!

Can you now please fill in this online application from by WEDNESDAY 29 JUNE (Year 5/6). Here is the link right here: APPLICATION FORM 2016

For all the information you received today, click here: IRXC2016 PSC CC Team Selection Letter – Year 5-6

Well done again, that is a wonderful achievement.

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