Year 7-8 Boys Dominate!

Cool photo from Rob Hughes, Year 8 Boys’ Manager, of the Year 7-8 Boys waiting for Dinner on Thursday night – both teams won team gold and team bronze and dominated their races. Well done guys! Actually, overall we won more team medals (13 compared to 11) than Wellington – so one area where we beat them! Year 7-8 Boys 2015

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Team News 26.9.15

Hi guys

Seems really different waking up today with no trains or 83 children racing around!
Wow guys, what an awesome time we had and I was so proud of your efforts on Thursday and was very impressed with your enthusiasm, behaviour, sense of fun and support of each other over the three days we were away. Hopefully you have memories that will stay with you for ever! (and a finishers’ medal, race booklet, Team Profile booklet and spot prize!)
There are so many people and organisations to thank…
– Managers – what a super bunch of managers who looked after us. We hope you will come back next year! A special mention (sorry I forgot at the Dinner ) of RACHEL JOHNSTON (Thomas Anderson’s mum) who has been a manager with us for the last four years and with her husband, Darryl, have done the Team Profile Booklets! You are awesome!!!
– Karen Theobald who has done so, so, so much for the team
– Shirley-Anne and Emma who came from Primary Sports Canterbury
– all our sponsors (Shoe Clinic, ASICS, Lone Star, Konica Minolta, Whittakers, Prima Solid Surfaces)  and everyone else who donated gifts for our Awards Dinner.
– Hillview Christian School, Our Lady of Assumption School and Christchurch Avon Athletic Club for use of their Gazzebos
– Port Hills Athletic and Christchurch Avon Athletic Clubs for letting us enter their races
– Tasman Rugby Union for use of the Jim Fraser Centre

2. Results can be found here:

3.PHOTOS: This is the direct link to the photos that are online from the official photographer – we will send you a link to get the photos that Sarah Johnson took (that were shown at the Awards Dinner):

That’s all for now….finally a few fun highlights from me to ponder….Theo’s bus trip (not!!!)….Finn’s long swim…..cheering on “Danny” from McFarland High…. Sam, Neve, Lili and Laurences’ victories….Champ compared to Garfield (we won the mascot competition!)…..Billy the Marshall…..chants and songs….”Love you Shirley-Anne” from Lozza….Whittakers Chocolate (mmm)….everyone from Canterbury finished the course (although we didn’t all get to the start line!)…the legendary recovery run along State Hu….the freezing cold swim at camp…trains (not!!!)….all the South Canterbury entries (go SC!!!)….Kaikoura Fish and Chips….Dom not getting eaten by Seagulls…..6 x Year 8 boys in a Hot Water Cupboard…the course…Year 5 Boy fairies….Spa pool for Adults only(yes!)….thinking about going to Wellington next year (only 45 min. trip and not 6 hours!)…..the last three months together with such a talented and awesome team!!!
PS. Did the Year 8 girls really eat that massive bag of lollies????

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IRXC2015 – Wellington retain the Phil Costley Shield

IRXC2015: Congratulations to Wellington for retaining the Phil Costley Shield for 2015. Canterbury put up a fantastic fight and had four individual champions – Sam Meecham (Year 6 Boys), Neve Moulai (Year 7 Girls), Lili Ovendale (Year 8 Girls) and Laurence Pithie (Year 8 Boys). Well done to all competitors and a big thanks to all of the supporters.

Results can be found here:

PHOTOS: This is the direct link to the photos that are online from Friday 25 September.

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Team News 22.9.15

Hi guys

Wow, only a day till we go and two till we race. PLEASE GET A GOOD SLEEP TONIGHT!!!

A few last reminders:)

1.Nuts free – a reminder our trip is NUTS FREE – although we like a little craziness but no edible nuts on the trip please due to allergies

  1. Lost Property

From Heathcote Domain- A navy blue GAP zip through fleece

From Halswell Quarry-2 Resene black/green metal drink bottles

If you want these items bought to the bus please email/text Karen T 027 685 5675 or

Connor Stewart is missing his Training Jacket if anyone has an extra one (not named).


Guests –  Please wait in the bar upstairs until the team arrives and Shirley-Anne will check off everyone before you go in. We hope to eat by 6.45-7.00pm.

  1. Prepare for Rain

Weather forecast is for rain all days. Parents please ensure children have plenty of warm (thermal) clothes and rain jackets. A change of socks/shoes for race day could be good also.


Just letting you know that is natural and expected to feel nervous – everyone else does too. If you have done the training you will do well. Use that nervous energy to try your hardest, never give up and be proud of your effort – wherever you get.

  1. Final Day – a reminder children are not to leave  until after our brief farewell meeting at 9.30am on Friday (this is only for children who have already asked the mangers to be excused). That is a team requirement. Thanks
  1. Remember:  Race singlet, black shorts, togs and towel, breakfast, lunch for Wednesday, great attitude, smile, patience, ear plugs, sense of humour…..
  1. Results can be found here: (pass on to others)


Most importantly , please enjoy yourself for the three days, make new friends, experience the toughest and most competitive race that you can, enjoy the pools, Awards Dinner and recovery run! Please talk to your manager or Emma, Shirley-Anne or me if you have any problems!! Congratulations on making it to this event as part of such an awesome team!!! (the HARDEST Canterbury rep. team to get into!!!).

See you at the bus! Please be there by 9.00am at the latest. If wet, please make sure you load your own large bag on yourself. Seat are allocated up the front for those that get travel sick. Please remember about those who are being picked up later.



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Team News 17.9.15

Hi guys

Just a week till we race – hard to believe really. Below is a full-on email (a Marathon!!) and there will be one or two more to come. Please read, digest and note all the details!


Great to see 71 out of 83 of the team of sprinting , starting, finishing and time-trialing tonight. Well done to the Year 7 and 8 boys who had a full turn out tonight. We certainly witnessed some speedy running and well done to all of the 60m winners! (Hamish, John and Abby)

  1. Parents/Supporters at IRXC2015 – It is certainly great to have parents supporting us in Blenheim but a reminder that our teams need to warm up together and stay with their team supporting other teams after their race. Please don’t take your child off by themselves. Thanks for being there and do dress in Red/Black and get positively vocal!!!
  1. Inter-Regional Relay: After the individual events there is an Inter-Regional 8 x 1km relay whereONE runner per age group will run for our Canterbury team (ie 8 runners in total). This will be our FIRST runner to cross the line in the individual races UNLESS their managers and Paul agree on another runner. Please be ready to run a 1km again if you are the first runner in your race from Canterbury.
  1. Singlets sizes– Please urgently try them on and even run in them if you have not already..nothing worse than running in a top too small/big/. Email Karen Theobald you need a size change.

5.Spike sizes– if you are running in spikes at the IRXC2015, 9mm spikes would be usually ideal – they are a general XC size. Always good to have some 12mm spares if possible if very wet and slippery and some 6mm ones for a hard course and for track – go to Shoe Clinic to get them. Good trail shoes are also fine – don’t try something new on the day though! At present RAIN is forecast next Thursday….but that could change…

6.Jackets   If you don’t have a PSC CC Team jacket, try to borrow a red/black top of some sort – not a school/club one – we want to look like a team. A reminder you will wear your polo at all times while in the public (but not at the Awards Dinner – that is MUFTI – smart casual)

  1. Leaving the Team Early on Friday

A number of team members are not returning on the bus as advised to us. A reminder you must attend our last team meeting at 9.30am on Friday morning.

  1. Friday Recovery Run 

This is on the Friday morning and is optional but it is lots of fun and slow and your team may like to dress in a theme – be prepared! PJs are acceptable!

  1. Bus Travel and Pick-ups

A reminder that you need to be at the Burnside Rugby Club, Avonhead Road (Russley Road end) by 9.00am next Wednesday. Please arrive in plenty of time.  Please take any medication (sea legs etc. ) that you need. We have three managers’ cars travelling also and we have seats for those who may feel very sick if we have to. Please note that children are to travel with the team and not in parents’ cars – this is PSC policy.

For those meeting us in Woodend – we will see you opposite the Gateway Woodend Hotel on the roadside about 9.40am, Amberley about 10.00am and Cheviot around 11.15am.

  1. With countdown now IT IS TIME TO EASE OFF, REST, HAVE A FEW FAST SHORT RUNS – but not long fast ones – the 1km on Saturday can be at 70% and maybe only 700-800m as you did a km tonight. 

PLEASE AVOID CONTACT SPORT AND even watch your play activities – no rough stuff, GET GOOD SLEEPS ( it is likely that next Wednesday night will not be a good sleep – so get good ones on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…), KEEP HEALTHY and FOCUS….

11. Goal Setting: 
We will do some of this on next Wednesday night….but have a think about it now….
– 1. What place are you aiming to achieve in the IRXC2015 (about 35-45 in your race)
– 2. What place are you hoping to achieve out of the Canterbury entrants? ie Where do you want to get in your team?
– 3. Other goals…eg.keep consistent laps, pass 3 x runners in last lap, beat 5 Wellington runners…..beat so and so…..beat last year’s place…..medal….never give up….finish!!.

12. Ear Plugs -.could be a requirement if you sleep lightly as the camp has the main highway and a railway track on either side and you may have snoring room mates!!! Good idea to try them out this week.

13. Snacks and Lunch on Wednesday –  a reminder to bring your own lunch and snacks for the trip on Wednesday (healthy ones – there will be lots of unhealthy ones after the race!)… can purchase healthy food in Kaikoura where we stop for lunch. A reminder to bring your own BREAKFASTS also.

14. Drink Bottle – important to have this on the bus for stops and sips – keeping hydrated is important.

15. What to Wear
Wednesday – on the bus and at the course for inspection: YOU MUST WEAR YOUR TEAM POLO …
Wednesday – after course inspection, dinner and  team meeting –  your Polo is optional – ie Mufti
Thursday – POLO all day except when racing and optional for dinner. Please wear your singlet with Race number (supplied)/ black shorts for the Team Photo – YOU MUST RACE in your Canterbury Singlet (and don’t cover the “CANTERBURY” with your race no.!) – if cold, wear a BLACK (only black!)  Polyprop or Skins underneath. You must wear BLACK running shorts (Canty. ones if you have them). Wear BLACK track pants at the course and your Canty. Jacket if you have one. If you get to stand on the Podium – please wear your Polo. Dinner: POLO is optional this year – .so mufti clothes are welcome.
Friday: Morning Run – PJs or whatever your team has planned! Rest of Friday is Team Polo for travel back.

16. Named Polo/Jacket/Shorts – please name them as there are lots around – DON’T name the singlet – it is on loan only. It needs to be given to your manager before you enter the pools on Thursday after the race.

  1. Insect Repellent/Sunscreen

There can be sandflies around in Blenheim – wanting to suck your very fit and oxygenated blood – please bring some repellent and also some sunscreen too.

A reminder you are representing Canterbury as soon as you meet at the bus at Burnside Rugby Club until you leave the bus again on Friday – we expect and know we will get EXCELLENT behaviour both “on and off the field”. We want the other regions and the people of Blenheim to be blown away by how awesome you are at competing, behaving and looking! You have made it into the hardest Canterbury Representative team there is to make it into…be proud and yet humble to represent all of your Province.

Phew….that was a long one….till I write again…..

Stay fit, healthy and happy….GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!


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CHAV/PSC CC Team 2 Person Relay Results

Hi guys

Please find the results from today here: 2 person relay results 12.9.15

Also results by time, click here: 2 person resulst by time

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Team News 10.9.15

Hi guys

Great to see 71 of the team of 83 and many extras out at Rangiora on Tuesday and heaps of speedy running going on too – too speedy for me though, think I am getting old! Well done to the Year 5, 6 and girls who had a 100% turn out! It has been a busy week with the Aidanfield races, AIMS Games in Tauranga for some, and also some injuries and sickness.

Only two team training sessions to go…please see the entry list for Saturday below – please email me urgently if you are meant to be on the entry list!! or can no longer run. The emphasis is on speed again and two equal 1km times for your laps. Over the next two weeks we will do some short sharp running and some tapering – easing off and also some goal setting and visualising about your race.

  1. Saturday 12 September, CHAV/PSC 2 Person Relay at Heathcote Domain, note 1.00pm Start

Please note the earlier start time for this event.

Meet: 12.15pm at Heathcote Domain Football Field / Cricket Pitch – Cricket Clubrooms, car parks on Bridle Path Road and Port Hills Road.– all course is on grass with some hills, so spikes may be worn. Race Start: 1.00pm .  Cool Playground for children!

  1. LAST TEAM SESSION:  Thursday 17 September, Speed session at Halswell Quarry, 4.30pm-5.15pm

Meet at the carpark, where we met last time, off Kennedys Bush Road. Lots of fast stuff again and a 1km time trial and the PSC CC Team 60m champs!

  1. Thanks for the Prizes

Thanks everyone for the cool prizes for our dinner! A big thanks to WHITTAKERS CHOCOLATE (yum!!!) and to Asics for their generous donations – please bring any other prizes along on Saturday or next Thursday.


So you know who is in charge (and get more chocolate….)

Shirley-Anne Collins is our team manager from Primary Sports Canterbury. Shirley-Anne has been on the Primary Sports Canterbury Exec. for many years, is a teacher, has been involved with the rep. Netball teams and has been a manager on many of our trips. We are thrilled to have her with us and value her experience. Emma Cantwell is the Primary Sports Canterbury assistant Sport Director and has been on our last two trips away. Emma, like Shirely-Anne, has a sporting background and she also has responsibility for our finances. Her cell phone in our booklet was incorrect and is: 0276310616.  Karen Theobald is the behind the scenes manager as well as a team manager for the Year 6 Boys. Karen makes sure everything happens and keeps me in line. She has been on the last four tripos with the team and has her son Blake in the Year 7 Boys’ team. I am the Coach/Selector and a bit of everything else. I have been running for 40 years and coaching for 25 years, have been in charge of this team for 11 years and love my three days away with such an elite and focused team of enthusiastic children.

  1. Parents of  those children who suffer Travel Sickness (as indicated on their Medical Info form) please note;

Your child will be allocated seats as close to the front of the bus as possible, but we do request that you give your child Travel Sickness Medication PRIOR to departing on the Bus – preferably the night before, or as per the Medication instructions on the packet prior to departure.

Please advise Emma Cantwell at the Year 5/6 Bus, or Shirley Anne Collins at the Year 7/8 Bus on the morning of departure what medication your child has taken and when, and when further medication can be given to them if required, we need to record this info should we need to refer back to it if your child becomes unwell during the Bus trip.

Also, please ensure that your child has additional Travel Sickness Medication with them (or given to their Manager, Emma or Shirley Anne prior to departure) for the return Bus trip, and instructions on when to take it.

If your child succumbs to Travel Sickness during the bus trip it is likely they will be taken off the bus to travel the remainder of the journey in one of the accompanying Manager cars.

  1. Allergies

If you have indicated your child has an allergy, please ensure they bring antihistamine with them (especially to the race venue). This medication can be handed to their team manager or Emma Cantwell.

  1. Itinerary

See here: PSC Itinerary IRXC2015

  1. Bus pick up/drop offs– buses will depart Burnside Park at 9.15 (meet there by 9.00am at the Rugby Clubrooms on Avonhead Road)  then proceed to:


SH1 (Main North Road) near Gateway Hotel, Woodend


SH1 (Carters Road) by public toilets/Hurunui District Council building. Drop off near Countdown Supermarket.


SH1 by public toilets (just before Cadman Street)

  1. AIMS Game congrats again– again I want to emphasise the super performances from Will Taylor (1st Year 8 Boys), Rosa Blake (2nd Year 7 Girls), Lydia Robinson (4th Year 8 Girls) and Thomas Clarke (7th Year 7 Boys) – there were 130-140+ in each race. To look at their races, go to:
  1. TEAM LISTS …flown away– unfortunately the Year 5 Boys and Girls, the Year 6 Boys and the Year 8 Girls’ attendance lists flew out of the van on Tuesday – please check them on Saturday or Thursday and update as required – I have done most of them! Thanks.

See you Saturday!



Entry list for Saturday by first name:

Abby de Visser
Abby Theobald
Akiko Omori
Alex McCorkindale
Amelia Cunningham
Amy Pearson
Andres Hernandez
Angus Smith
Art Aitken
Bella Belcher
Ben Pearson
Beth Heywood
Brea Roderick
Caitlin Parrett
Caleb Parsons
Cara Reid
Chanel Muir
Charlie Hazlett
Charlotte Spurway
Chloe Hughes
Chloe Walker
Connor Stewart
Daniel Mackay
Daniel Roswell
Denver Stocks
Dylan Fern
Ella Hill
Ella Pearson
Eloise Scanlan
Emilie Brunton
Emily Jones
Emma Parke
Ethan Smolej
Finella Guttmann
Finn Allott
Finn Surman
Fraser Brown
Hamish Thompson
Hannah Mackay
Harry Denington
Henry Allott
Henry McMecking
Isaac hales
Isabella Donald
Isabella Gibson
Isla Martin-Mckenzie
Jack Rule
Jacob Douglas
Jake Burrowes
Jake Hale
Jake Jackways
James Anderson
Jemma Burrowes
John Wells
Lachie Cartwright
Laura Clarke
Laurence Pithie
Leah Jones
Leila Dunlop
Levi Ferguson
Lili Ovendale
Lily Greenwood
Logan Clark
Lucy Kokich
Luke Mitchell
Luke Ziswiler
Lydia Robinson
Madeleine Haugh
Madeline Thomas
Matthew Fairhall
Mia Pearson
Mia Suzuki
Michael Hermens
Monica Koster
Nate Ovendale
Neve Moulai
Nia Surman
Olli Aitken
Orla Dunlop
Oscar Fossey
Pai Wynyard
Paige Avery
Paris Carroll
Pippa Baker
Ray Suzuki
Robbie de Cuevas
Rosa Blake
Rosaria Gibson
Rosie Trotter
Sam Brunton
Sam Idiens
Samantha Lascelles
Samantha Vance
Samuel Jones
Samuel Meecham
Satoru Omori
Sean Whitty
Sophie Hill
Stacey Morgan
Theo Walker
Thomas Anderson
Tinesha benson
Tristan Dunlop
Violet McMeeken
Vivien Guttmann
Will Brunton
Will McMeeken
William Haig
William Jones

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