Team News 26.7.14

Hi guys
Great to see 80 out of the team of 85 on Tuesday night and lots of parents too…it was so neat to see you guys meeting others and already starting to get together with your teams.  Thanks for all coming along and especially to those who traveled from  Rakaia, Ashburton, Cheviot…. and lots of other places all over Canterbury to get there! Thanks to Diederik van Heyningen for taking photos of you all. A HUGE thanks to Karen Theobald and her team for all their work with the uniforms – it is fantastic to have you in all of your gear from our first meeting. Thanks to Emma Cantwell, Shirley-Anne Collins and Lyn Miles for doing all the money and accounts. Thanks also to Abby and Ayrton for their Captains’ talks and to the managers and others who helped on the night too!

Lots of news, so read on….
Hopefully you are all following the schedule and filling out your log, now you have a hard copy. Week three is more base work, hopefully you are starting to feel fitter…

 – OUR FIRST TEAM TRAINING RUN IS  – THIS MONDAY – 28 JULY 4.30-5.15pm, ROTO KOHATU RESERVE, airport end of Sawyers Arms RoadHarewood/Casebrook – it is right at the end of Sawyers Arms Road (can be called Sawyers Arms Reserve also).IT WILL BE WET AND MUDDY – recommend gumboots/strong shoes for parents! Please try to get there on time and make sure your captain signs you off on the roll – there will be a sign with your team. If you arrive earlier, please sign off your name and get ready to run! Remember we run in ALL conditions ….so wrap up warm and have your training jacket! Russley and Johns Road can be pretty busy at that time of night, so maybe come via another road initially

- Next Training Run/Race:  4.30pm Tuesday 5 August at Woodend Domain – Travel on the Northern Motorway and the Main North Road and turn right into Woodend Beach Rd (after Sandhills Road on your right) just before the Woodend Tavern, do not go into Woodend township. Travel right to the end of this road, past the Woodend Christian Camp on your left, to the road end.  There is a car park at the Domain. We will do some hill work (hill springing) on the sand dunes and the beach as well as a run in the forest.Playgrounds available for the little ones and bring your thermos if you need coffee.
2. Team Booklet
We have your photo, we now need some information about you to share with the rest of the team. Can you please fill in this online form by FRIDAY 1 August (so do it now – takes a couple on minutes!). Click here:
3. AWARDS DINNER BOOKINGSIndication of tickets required by 1 August.
All team members and managers (104 of us) will attend a Canterbury Awards Dinner at the Hot Springs Hotel from 6.30-9.00pm on Thursday 25 September. We have 96 seats available for other family members and supporters. Price is $30 per Adult and $20 per child 13 and under. We need an indication of how many tickets you may require.If we get too many we will limit tickets. Please fill in this form by Friday 1 August to indicate. Click here:  Dinner Indication 2014

You will have the singlet to lend for the next nine weeks. Please always wear it with pride! PLEASE DO NOT WEAR YOUR SINGLET in inter-club races if you belong to a club, especially not in the Canterbury Road Championships. You may wear them at training sessions (or your Polo), club runs (if your club lets you), some lower key races (eg Port Hills CC, Marylands Relay etc.) and PSC races (eg at Heathcote). If unsure, please email me and ask your club captain if in a club. Singlets will be collected in AFTER your race on September 25 before you go to the Hot Pools. Please don’t label them or put face paints or anything on them.

5. Uniforms
If you have any queries to do with your uniform orders, singlets etc. please contact Karen Theobald (  Also a reminder to label your gear as it can easily get mixed up! Please especially label your jackets – inside on the pocket as they are often taken during training.

Please, please support the Shoe Clinic at Westfield Riccarton. They support us big time with prizes and bags (you got one on Tuesday). They also subsidise our POLO SHIRTS by about 50%. You may be able to get shoes and gear cheaper elsewhere but they give great service, 30 day shoe guarantee and they are our sponsors. Try Kevin and Shaun first.

If you have some running spikes you would like to sell, please bring them along to training meetings. Spikes are not essential but can be a real advantage in wet conditions. We have about four pairs to give away – see me,- they are available for a donation that will got to Ella Benn (2013 team member)

Thanks to Lee Downie for being our health and safety officer, if you need a first aid kit or ice at training, please find her! She is a Year 5 Girls’ Manager and will have first aid gear at the Year 5 girls’ sign at training events.
As you know, we all travel to and stay together in Hanmer but some of you may like to stay on in Hanmer after the event or move further north.  There is no reduction in fees and children need to attend the last team meeting (9.30am-10.00am) Please indicate by filling in this form, click here: Not returning Form
See you in the mud and wet on Monday at 4,30pm sharp!!!

PS….in case you needed reminding…you are in the HARDEST CANTERBURY REP. TEAM there is to make it into

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Team News 20.7.14

Hi all

I hope you have enjoyed and endured your first week of tough training. Remember, you should be feeling tired! Week two is very similar with the session on Monday moving up to  2 minute efforts.
1.  Injury/ Physio/ Podiatrist
A reminder, if you do get injured, please remember to rest and get onto seeking help if you need it. We want you running in years to come and don’t want an injury to get worse. I’m sure many of you know some good physios but two that I can recommend and are keen to help our members are:
Physios: (both I have asked)
Lincoln Area: Jo Batchelor – Jo has been a manager and knows how to treat runners and children – contact her at Sports Med Licoln – Telephone 03 325 2039.
Christchurch South : Lesley Smith is an excellent physio and works with runners and children (and even got me to a 1/2 marathon earlier in the year!). She is available to work with team members: Contact her at Waltham Physio – ph. 03 3664710 – email:
Podiatrist: Ian Graham has worked with many team members over the years and both his daughters have been in our team (Ari and Mya) and he is excellent if children have feet problems. Contact at Papanui Foot Clinic – Ph 352 6400 email:
2. Team Meeting on Thursday 24 July – 7pm at Hillview Christian School Staffroom – 150 Wilsons Road. There is some parking in the school down the driveway and at the back and also at the Senior side (across the road) at 125 Wilsons Road. 
PLEASE bring: smiles (we need to take a photo of you!), your fit body, mum or/and dad, MONEY (team fees -if not paid already online) and your Medical/Consent forms from the booklet.(Se here: PAYMENT- CONSENT- MEDICAL FORMS again if they got muddy on the day or if the dog ate them!)
If you do arrive earlier you can try to hand in your forms and pay money etc. but we all meet at 7.00pm SHARP. If you have any questions about the money, please email Emma Cantwell –
3. Results
Well done to all those who ran in the Canterbury Cross Country Champs on Saturday at Halswell Quarry, for full results see:Canty XC Results
4. Anton Cooper- Commonwealth Games
Anton is competing at the Commonwealth Games this week and was a member of our team – and had his last race at Hanmer in 2007 as a year 8. We will all be cheering him on!
5. Dress up!
It looks like a cold and wet week, so get on those layers with polyprop/merino/wool and beanies and gloves and also training jackets – and keep warm out there when training!
See you all on Thursday – Dads and mums are welcome to a cuppa if they want at the kitchen when they come in.
Keep warm

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Training starts this week…..

Hi guys

Ten weeks of training starts this week….remember if you are not training, you can bet someone from another region is…so get into it…
The first 3-4 weeks are essential and are “miles in the bank” and the real core of your fitness. If you are not sure what to do, here are a few tips that apply to the schedule for week one…..
Monday: B – which is “fartlek” running or in the case this week, structured fartlek. There are no distances, just times. After a bit of a 5 minute jog and some dynamic stretching (see DS ) – ie leg swings, lunges etc. Run hard for a minute – hard is faster than your 2 or 3km pace – but not sprinting, as you need to do 6 or 8! – then jog for 2 minutes before repeating. Try no to run on the road and if possible in a park or somewhere and not on a track. Tis is a tough session. When finished jog and do some startic stretches. (see SS) . This session gets you fit, builds endurance and also is teaching your body to run at a faster sped than you race.
Tuesday – R = REST – your body needs to recover!!!
Wednesday – L = Time Trial - this session is like a practice of your race distance. It is teaching your body to run over the distance that you are going to race and it is also a practice of pace judgement. A time trial is never as intensive as a race and the actual “time” doesn’t matter – it is the full on effort that counts. Warm up with a jog and Dynamic stretching and have a 2.5km or 3.5km course ready to go (or 10 minutes or 14 minutes of running). The time trial is done at race pace. If possible the terrain should be the same as Hanmer – up and down, a few steps, (wet shoes!) etc. With a time trial – you don’t need to sprint in, just go hard the whole way. After you have finished, warm down with a slow jog and static stretching. A time trial can be run in spikes or your racing shoes if you have them.
Thursday – A – Aerobic Running This is running at 70-80% of your race pace – so not jogging but a steady pace or strong running. It is for a longer distance to build up your endurance. Don’t go too fast at the start as you may run out of steam. You should feel “tired” at the end. It is purposely longer (twice as long) as your race and is over distance.
Friday – R Rest of or some small sprints (F) for Year 7/8 – optional 4 x 80m sprints with some jogging between.
Saturday – L or Race – some of the club runners have the Canterbury Cross Country Champs and the rest of you need a time trial again. Remember warm up and down and if racing – some 40m stride outs before you start to get you ready for sprinting.
Sunday – A – Aerobic Running – your longest run of the week and the real “bread and butter” of your training along with Thursday. Try to find someone to go with (see our contcat list) and try a new venue – like Bottle Lake Forest, Harry Ell Walkway, Hagley Park, Groynes to Roto Kohatu etc. Concentration on some strong running but for up to 3 x the time of your race…a bit slower than Thursday but still a good effort!
I hope you enjoy week one of training and all the best to those running in the Canterbury Cross Country Champs on Saturday.
If you have any questions about your training , please email me. ENJOY!!!
PS A reminder to record your training in the Training Log I sent out.

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Team News 10.7.14

Hi everyone
Welcome to the first of many PSC CC Team News for 2014. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and are feeling great that you are part of such an awesome Canterbury Representative team - THE HARDEST ONE TO GET IN!!! Read on for lots of information……1. The Team 2014
Attached is pretty much the final list of team members, appointed captains (thanks so much to all who applied) and managers (their teams they look after are still to be finalised)…see: PSC CC Team 2014 Well, we look like a totally awesome bunch again with talent, good looks, fighting spirit, newbies and lots of experienced campaigners too…a great management team of parents with lots of varied skills and backgrounds (including a past NZ Rep. who ran in the World Cross Country Champs!)….we have 86 children (we have bolstered the Year 7/8 team with a few extras) from 43 different schools selected from Cheviot/Greta Valley to Ashburton/Rakaia and everywhere in-between…we are going to have an awesome time running together, getting to know each other, supporting each other and doing our best for CANTERBURY! -great to see the German football team wearing Red and Black and the Brazillians in Yellow (Canterbury/Wellington!!!)

Also attached is a 2014 Contact List (in PDF and Word)- please use for car-pooling etc. and please do not pass onto others.

2. Training
Our official ten weeks of training starts next week – ie Monday 14 July. The training schedule and log (where you fill in what you do) is attached (in PDF and Excel) and a hard copy will be handed out at the meeting on July 24 (see training page). For some of you though, you may have your own coaches and have races you are training for right now and others may be recovering from injury. THIS IS A MAXIMUM to do and if you have sports practices etc. – DON”T OVERDO IT! I have heard that many of you didn’t do too much training before qualifying….so get into your training now and you never know what you may achieve!

Basically the training schedule has three important elements to it:

1. July/Aug – Base conditioning – some fast-ish Aerobic/steady-state runs (A), fartlek running (B) and time trials (L) – tiring work to get you super fit and set the base for 11 weeks time!

2. Later Aug – Hill work for strength and stride-length – important for the hills and steps in Hanmer

3. Sept. – Speedwork, races and easing off – to get you fast and “race – fit” and then rested for your big race on 25 September.

If you are keen for some training, and it is always easier with others, here are two runs that are open to anyone, with invitations form the Port Hills and Christchurch Avon Clubs…if your club or school has a run to invite others to, please let me know and I will advertise it.Mondays 4:30PM  Halswell Quarry. This is a community based hill run open to any runners of any age. You do not need to be a Port Hills club member to attend this event. Simply come to the main car park and ask for Phil Chapman. For further details, contact Phil on 322 4266 or

Mondays 4.45PM Burnside High YR 5 to 8: 4:45pm until 5:30pm starting from the CHAV Clubrooms, Burnside High, Greers Road, by the tennis/netball courts – hosted by Richard Brunton and Andrea Stocks Ph. Richard  021 192-1388 email

3. First Team Meeting
A reminder that our first meeting together is on THURSDAY 24 JULY at 7.00pm at Hillview Christian School, 150 Wilsons Road, St. Martins. This is a very, very important meeting and one of the few times we are all together. There will lots of information shared, uniforms given out, photos taken for the team book, a chance to meet your managers, opportunity to pay your fees and most importantly a chance to meet your other 85 team mates! You also need to return your Medical/Consent/Behaviour form and Payment and Uniform form.
If you would like information about joining a running club, please get hold of Anita Sutherland, who is the Athletics Canterbury Representative:
Ian the Ranger from Roto Kohatu said there was a pair of Pink Brooks shoes left there last week – please call him if they are yours – 022 1711275
Congratulations to all who ran in the South Island Cross Country Champs on Saturday at QEII Park. We had many champions from our team and many of you also got to race against some fast runners from Tasman – especially an awesome Eloise Beattie from Nelson who smashed the Girls’ fields – including the 13s and 14s. Elosie’s Dad (I think) has some awesome photos from the day on his web page – see:
7. IRXC2014 Entries/Past Competitors
Entries close one month today – ie 10 August – YOU ARE ALL ENTERED but if you have friends/family members or past competitors who want to enter, they need to put in their own entry – go to the IRXC2014 web page to enter: click here:
With starting out on your training, you will see that there is space to set some goals. It is important you are working towards something. There are three levels of goals, 1. Achievable, 2. Challenging, 3. Ultimate – have a think about them. 1. Could be finishing a few places higher than last year or amongst your team or it could be to run 1000 minutes of training or make all training sessions. 2. Could be to win a teams’ medal, finish in the top 10 at Hanmer, beat x, y, z….3. Could be to beat Eloise Beattie, win an individual medal….the sky is your limit!!!
All the best to you as you start/ restart your training for the IRXC2014. If you are running next Saturday in the Canterbury XC Champs, I hope it goes well and remember the three keys of running a great race….CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL..
See you all soon…..on 24 July and then on Monday 28 July at Roto Kohatu for a tough session!

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Welcome to the Team Year 7/8s!

Online Application Form

Hi there!

Congratulations if you have just qualified to be in our team! What an awesome effort, well done – and in very cold and wintery conditions! Results from today – click here: Int. v. Primaries Results 2.7.14

Can you now please fill in this online application from by FRIDAY 4 JULY!!! (Year 7/8) – as we need to order uniform parts and confirm the team before our first meeting on Thursday 24 JulyHere is the link right here: APPLICATION FORM 2014

For all the information you received today, click here: IRXC2014 PSC CC Team Selection Letter – Year 7-8

Well done again, that is a wonderful achievement.

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Training Schedules now out and Y7/8s race tomorrow (in hail/snow?)

Hi all

The 2014 Training Schedule is now on our Training Page – have a look. It starts on Monday 14 July with 10 weeks of build-up to Hanmer. Please email Paul if you have any questions.

The Year 7/8 Intermediates v. Primaries selection races are on tomorrow, Wednesday 1 July, at Roto Kohatu Reserve, end of Sawyers Arms Road, Harewood. It could be wet, hailing and even snowing but we will still run!!! Meeting at 1.00pm, 1.15pm Y7 Girls, 1.30pm Year 7 Boys, 1.45pm Year 8 Girls and 2.00pm Year 8 Boys – dress up warm!

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Photos from Wednesday

Hi everyone, a parent has sent this link of some awesome photos from Wednesday – do have a look:

Hi there, for some photos of this day see

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